I see a number of monks pointing petitioners to Super Search. Some of these even point seekers of wisdom at some of the links that the responders have found via Super Search. What I'd like to encourage these (and others!) to also do is post the keyword(s) they used in that search.

Sometimes it seems obvious - especially to you when you're writing it. Trust me when I say, it usually doesn't seem obvious to many of the rest of us. Besides, someone may find your node later and want to retry the query to get nodes that were written after yours.

For example, if you say, "Using Super Search, I typed in the words 'foo grommit' and got the following answers to your query...", it would go a long way to helping people learn how to search. It's not that everyone is an idiot - but sometimes other related words just don't pop into one's head, but having those extra words there may help the petitioner (or any other reader) break out of any self-imposed box.

(Yes, this is a selfish post ... sometimes I'm that newbie and need just a bit of prodding to "think outside" my own boxes. Not all newbies are anonymonks or have less than n XP.)

Thanks to all those who do this already - it's appreciated. (Not that I'm perfect here, either, I'm pretty sure I've forgotten to do this thinking it's too obvious, but I do now realise it isn't always.)