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Re: Help Super Search Newbies

by davidrw (Prior)
on Oct 08, 2005 at 18:23 UTC ( #498440=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Help Super Search Newbies

I would also say that it's a good general practice, too, and not just w/Super Search. Most notably would be google searches -- instead of saying "I found on google" i try to say something like "google('foo bar') found" ...

Similarily, this applies to the wisdom-seekers and failed searchs as well. A personal pet peeve of mine is posts like "i searched everywhere but couldn't find anything" .. I really wish people would qualify that with what and where they searched, so that could how they were going about and why they came up emtpy ...

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Re^2: Help Super Search Newbies
by radiantmatrix (Parson) on Oct 11, 2005 at 17:07 UTC

    To this end:

    • Simple searches on PM can be linked by putting the search term in square brackets. For example, I could search on finding common data in a hash by specifying [finding common data in a hash]
    • I can duplicate a search using our beloved [cpan://] shortcut. For example, looking for CSV file is a snap with [cpan://CSV file]
    • I would love to see a similar mechanism for super-searches, though I'm not sure how the syntax would look... [super://terms to search|option;option] or something. It's complex enough that adding such a thing would only be useful if the SuperSearch results page could be coaxed into providing the text for easy copy-n-paste to a node.
    • Easier, perhaps, and almost as useful, would be a shortcut like [google://terms to search]. This would be used in the same way as the CPAN search, and might result in "I did a google search for foo bar, and found this nugget: (link)".
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