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Esteemed Monks,
I've been looking for information on parsing EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) messages with Perl (in my case, edifact/D93A/INVOIC).

I found, and tried, XML::Edifact module from Michael Koehne. But it doesn't correctly parse my message and I don't need to output the results in XML.

All I need (and I know this is a lot of, and complex, work) is to check if the message is valid, parse it, create a data structure and show some informations to the user.

Googling and searching the monastery didn't help me much on this. So, here I am asking for help from some monk with experience in this field on how and where to start.

Note: I'm aware that this is a task for gurus - which I'm not - and there are lots of commercial and proprietary solutions out there, mainly using Java. But my main interest in this field is to learn, at least the basics, on EDI messages and how Perl can interact with them.

Thank you for your time,