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Re: Gregorian Garbage Collection...

by nicholasrperez (Monk)
on Oct 12, 2005 at 15:15 UTC ( [id://499526]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Gregorian Garbage Collection...

Have you considering using POE for your TCP server solution? I don't know exactly what it is you are doing, but I am guessing it is some sort of worker thread model. In this case, it is trivial to write a POE-based TCP server to handle quite a few connections "concurrently" depending whether you have long running subs or not. Using a single interpreter will dramatically decrease your memory footprint.

I can't get you a link at the moment (since draconian filters at work block just about everything), but if you go to the POE wiki and search for evolution of a TCP server, you will find a nice broken down example of going from a simple select based loop all the way to a just a few simple lines of perl using POE::Component::TCP::Server.

If you are concerned with performance you should know that I have written a webserver serving dynamic pages pulling information from a database all using pre-built POE components, and was managing about 45-50 requests a second with streaming connections as well on a silly little Duron 800Mhz with 256MB of RAM. POE is quite efficient.

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