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Re^2: Neither system testing nor user acceptance testing is the repeat of unit testing (OT)

by prad_intel (Monk)
on Oct 25, 2005 at 05:35 UTC ( #502633=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Neither system testing nor user acceptance testing is the repeat of unit testing (OT)
in thread Neither system testing nor user acceptance testing is the repeat of unit testing (OT)

Hi pg and other fellow monks,

Again as a representative/part of testing community I welcome your discussion on a topic which needs to be raised almost everywhere in this world who have employed testing proffesionals.

After being in testing for 2 and a half years I feel very few people have a clear concept of what testing is.

I have never crossed India so my comments would be based on what I have seen in Bangalore.

1) Most of the people here will ask you "what tools you know?" if you +say you are a tester and not given a product how will you test someth +ing. 2) Most of the people here are confused with the testing terminology. +Regression testing which basically is a selective re-testing is misun +derstood as executing all the cases. 3) Many of the people I know put fake experience and enter MNC's there +by decreasing the quality of the product. 4) There are more Testing Institutes than S/w companies in India which + teaches Testing tools and claim as testing course. 5) Some companies make the developers to do system testing apart from +unit testing for lack of funds to hire a Testing guy. 6) Even MNC's are not clear about the position they offer .. Some comp +anies are confused between QA and Testing. 7) A QA engineer does testing in the current company and sometimes Tes +ting people are asked to look at the process which is a QA role. 8) If you join some indian students yahoo groups most of them would ha +ve a query from 10% of the people of the group asking whether to join + a testing course and the money they will get back. 9) Testing is more of an attitude game and not a profession either. 10) Every company should spend a day or two testing the products for t +hose scenarios which dont appear in the test plan/cases before User A +cceptance testing. 11) Rarely you can find a good quality tester in India because every t +ester wants to go to development feeling there is more money there an +d more travel opportunity. 12)I have seen many people skip cases. What is the use of writing a ca +se when people testing it skip. 13) I have also noticed people writing duplicated test case. 14) Test data is another important aspect in testing which most of the + companies constrain themselves if it costs a few $. 15) When the devoid testers become leads/mananger their management pri +nicples contribute to the degradation of the quality. 16) Testers here are rarely allowed to undergo the training what the d +eveloper undergoes which is not a good sign for the quality of the pr +oduct. 17) Freshers are hired and directly given test cases and are asked to +execute.No company nor these freshers worry that they should understa +nd the domain/technology before they get hands on something. 18) I am a tester by virtue and not by profession.Every other team mem +ber wants to jump to development or something else soon. 19) All interviews in india today for testing has one question in comm +on "why do you like testing and will you be in testing for a long tim +e ?" Gosh ! look at the poor state of my virtue.
You people have seen more than me so would have better views , please excuse me if anything was wrong because I am naive :-D.



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