in reply to What is Enterprise Software?

The dirty water you are trying to clear up is actually much cleaner than you thought or presented, at least in lots of other people's minds.

First of all, Perl is not enterprise software. Period. You have clearly said that you were interested in Perl advocacy. To make it fair and even, none of other programming languages is enterprise software. As a matter of fact, I never heard anyone said the opposite before. All what I have heard were things like, foo language can easily support enterprise software.

"Perl is decentralized though, so if it blows up in one place, it might be fine in another."

The above was just one example where you tried to fit Perl with the definition of enterprise software. Perl certainly has nothing to do with either centralize or decentralize. An application does, and that application could either be written in Perl, or Java, or some other languages.

To the minds of most people, Oracle is enterprise software. Oracle itself, or any other database system, is an application, and Oracle is at the high end among its peers.