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You are right. Dalai was only made a so called holy man because of the political needs of the western countries. It is a part of their wish and strategy to destablize China. Tibet people are living a much better life today, just think of all the Chinese Yuen the nation put in Tibet. Even Dalai himself recognized this recently, and he is negotiating with the central government today, to allow him return and save his face.

It is unthinkable that someone commited the crime of armed rebel could return without a trial, but the Chinese are certainly very generous. That is rooted in their culture: be nice to your enemies, so that they are totally defeated by your moral power.

I cannot blame the western countries for their large campaign of lies. In the end, every nation wants the best for its own.

But to be quite frank, China's becoming a global superpower is non-stopable by any other nation. It is only a wise choice for the westerners to realize that they have to co-live with the Chinese.

If it is not because of China's large demand, today's IT industry will be seeing as a global failure.