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Re: I'm all for the type of job posting Skip Huffman made

by samizdat (Vicar)
on Nov 02, 2005 at 14:20 UTC ( #504932=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to I'm all for the type of job posting Skip Huffman made

While SkipHuffman made a few errors in the way he presented his opportunity, I think his FCT effort and things like it deserve support and exposure. {Setting aside the q of whether PM is the place, for a moment.}

I'm really bothered by the distaste expressed by some of the CB regulars towards the business of business. Some of the denizens here seem to think that jobs appear out of thin air because good 'professionals' deserve them. Yeah, right. Entrepreneurs like Skip created Google and Yahoo and eBay, and the slimy ones are usually not entrepreneurs but corporate climbers. Frankly, the way the RIAA and the TV producers are acting, I _hope_ he succeeds. In spades!

It's hard to create a business that can sustain itself, let alone employees on salary with benefits and government tax & reg leeches hanging on. It is, however, the only way economies grow and new wealth is created. Anyone who deplores the increasing decadence of the 'western' world, especially the US, should take note and dig into some real world economics, preferably of the Austrian school.

Does hanging out in the CB contribute to _your_ employer's bottom line? How many home runs have _you_ hit this month with your vaunted Perl coding skills? And, if you have been equalling Hank Aaron's output, why are you doing it for somebody else?

Now, back to the question of 'opportunity postings'. I, for one, would like to see the entrepreneurial spirit alive on PM as well as everywhere else. What I don't want to see is a 'job board' or a bunch of SoPW postings about them. I totally agree on that point. What I suggest is that the gods get together and create a PMFAQ that suggests that homenodes are the appropriate place for such expressions, and then walks the noob through creating a .sig for self-promotion. That way, the exposure of the node/project is proportional to the amount of contribution the poster makes to the real purpose of PerlMonks. I don't see this as any different than promotion of a GPL project on SourceForge or any other endeavor from BSD usage to EMACS, nor any less valid for the fact that there's a hope of revenue involved. SkipHuffman's project is in Perl and it is in the best tradition of the 'little guy' who has a better idea. He deserves our support!
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