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Re: Categories. Table of Contents. Trees?

by monarch (Priest)
on Nov 04, 2005 at 01:26 UTC ( #505574=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Categories. Table of Contents. Trees?

It sounds like you may be looking for a basic tutorial on the definition of a tree structure. If that is so, I recommend having a look at Wikipedia (tree structures) which I'm finding has good introductions to basic computer science concepts such as this these days..

As an aside, I think Perl lends itself quite naturally to tree structures. Having references makes building trees very simple. For example, consider a table of contents:

my %contents = ( 1 => [ 'Introduction', undef ], 2 => [ 'Design', { 1 => [ 'Wheels', undef ], 2 => [ 'Frame', undef ], 3 => [ 'Electronics', { 1 => [ 'Dashboard', undef ], 2 => [ 'Fuel Injection', undef ], }, 4 => [ 'Petrol Tank', undef ], }, 3 => [ 'Summary', undef ], );

Merely defining things these ways is, by definition, a tree. If references are tripping you up, then read about pointers.. and re-read until you become more comfortable with this concept.

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