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Re: LWP strikes again!

by motomuse (Sexton)
on Jan 09, 2001 at 01:51 UTC ( #50575=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to LWP strikes again!

Thanks, monks, that was most helpful.

Yes, chipmunk, I do need to pass the page thru my script (this is really just an example, the actual site to which I'm intending to send stuff is PayPal, which is set up in such a way as not to be able to cope with the concept of an item for sale having more than one attribute, such as (specifically) t-shirts, which come in a variation of sizes and colors... long story.

Thanks, repson, for providing a concrete example of what you and cm meant by a BASE tag. For having worked in HTML as long as I have, you'd think I'd remember that kind of thing, but that's the kind of detail I forget more often than I'd like to.

Thanks, merlyn; for the moment, since my script is only ever going to be hitting, the BASE tag is all I really need, but that's a really interesting article that I know will come in useful to me in the long run.

Again, thanks all,

     - Muse

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