Last Saturday, a few of the Silicon Valley monks (namely neshura, redmist, myself and my significant other) went playing pool. The way I'm used to playing pool back home is a bit different than the pool played in the US. (Even when Brazilians play slop, we are still much more strict than the American slop pool)

Some of these differences spawned the bizarre idea that there should be a counterpart for use strict. You know? For those who can't code even to save their lives? use slop would be the "miracle worker" for those days in which you really don't feel like checking syntax or being correct. use slop wouldn't warn you if anything went wrong, it would just let it slide and preferably ommit errors and just ignore the existance of STDERR, or even STDOUT at times! I mean, if you're really gonna get sloppy, why even check for output?

And now, for your nightmare of coding pleasure - I think we would go something like this:
#!perl # its not in your path?? use slop; # remember 'dis, Ma? require ''; # yes, its a typo REadParse(); # and who cares about string types? if ($in{user{ == BBQ and $in{password} == 'phooey') # or braces? # why indent? why print a content type? print $a_variable_thats_going_to_be_def_l8er ifelse # yeah, why not? warn 'it didn't work' # oops, should i have escaped that? # well, you get the idea return('foo');
Okay, it actually does't look as bad I thought it would, but maybe that's just because it actually looks like code a write every once in a while. use slop++

# Trust no1!