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Actually, this sloppy module (well part of it) exists! It's called Symbol-Approx-Sub (from a new saint) and it allows calling subs with approximate name.

Now, that could be useful if it could switch on automatically at predefined hours (until 1st caffeine shot, ...), but then I guess you'll have to interface your coffee machine with this module.

PerlMonger::Paris(http => '');</kbd>

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Re: Re: use slop;
by davorg (Chancellor) on Jan 09, 2001 at 13:46 UTC

    Thanks for the plug :)

    Actually, Symbol::Approx::Scalar is also getting close to completion and we have plans for Symbol::Approx::X modules for all typeglob objects. There's an article about all this in the new issue of TPJ (if it ever gets printed) and there's a mailing list for the discussion of these modules at:


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      Just as something to look at, davorg, look at this node I wrote a while back - RE: Factory Pattern for Class Heirarchy. It's not approximate matching, but it's interesting and related to the 'use slop' discussion above.