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Re: Responsibilities of a module author

by cog (Parson)
on Nov 24, 2005 at 10:43 UTC ( #511393=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Responsibilities of a module author

I'm with PerlMouse here.

You just can't force people like that, or you'll scare them away.

I am a CPAN contributor. I also have a job and sometimes I even manage to have a life.

I can tell you first hand that sometimes you have time to make changes, and sometimes it is rewarding, but sometimes you don't, and it isn't.

And adding bad reviews to the module is not gonna solve the problem. Not for me, it's not.

You add a bad review and you're saying a bad thing about what I made or about how I work (even though you don't even know me), so it's kind of a personal attack.

Plus, what happens then?

Will the bad review go away?

Will you make a good one?

Can you promise that?

Can I trust you?

It all looks like blackmailing to me, and I can tell you it wouldn't work for me.

Co-maintainers? I'm all for it! Just find me somebody capable and interested! (in the case of modules I haven't got much time to work on)

Not releasing if I don't have the time to work on them?

CPAN wouldn't be half of what it is today if we all acted that way!

How can you tell whether you'll have time?

You can't!

And as for the "best maintenance" awards, I don't think it would solve a damn thing. First, because I already know who'd win (and yes, those guys do deserve an award, but keep reading), and secondly, because I don't think that somebody with less known modules would manage to change his/her life or way of coding just for an award. And you know why? Because there already is an award! It's the emails users send back saying thank you. And anyway, me fixing a module that one person uses five minutes after a bug report surely wouldn't get me an award as fast as someone fixing a bug in two weeks time in a module that 90% of the users use.

All in all, I do understand your feelings, and Ovid's, and I do share them, but sometimes we're too busy people who won't get any less busy if you try to press them like that. All you'll get is to annoy people.

Do use your ideas as guidelines, but please, don't try to enforce them.

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