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Is there a site like PerlMonks for Java/PHP/Linux/SQL/etc.?

by SiteDocClan (Initiate)
on Nov 25, 2005 at 17:18 UTC ( [id://511715]=sitefaqlet: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Is there a site like PerlMonks for Java/PHP/Linux/SQL/Perl6/etc.?

On one hand, we can't point you to other language sites with any kind of authoritativeness, and would recommend that you Google or Wikipedia the language to see what's where. On the other hand, we could parrot the rumors we've heard about where various language users go to give/receive help. Below is the best intel we have so far. Please feel free to brief SiteDocClan if you have better information. PerlMonks makes no representation as to the quality of these resources, nor of their similarity (by any measure) to PerlMonks. In general, you should expect that they won't be as useful or as entertaining. :-)


Usually meaning an affiliated assortment of mailing lists, forums, chat rooms, social networks, blog nets, usenet newsgroups, etc.


For some languages and technologies, the best interactive resources appear to be simple forums:

Do you know of a (better) community site?

If you know of a better resource for, say, PHP, or if you know of a resource for a language/technology not listed above (for example, SQL or JavaScript), please /msg the goods to SiteDocClan, and it will be considered for inclusion in this page. Remember, we're just trying to link to communities, like PerlMonks, or, as a second-best alternative, forums. Thanks!

By the way... This question comes up with some regularity. Behold:

Some of the material in some of these threads may be current and relevant; in any case, they're worth reading.

Often, when people are looking for a PerlMonks-like site for another area of interest, and discover that no such thing exists, they turn to the idea of creating one. They then ask the question: Can I get the PerlMonks source code?

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