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Re: regex eval capture weirdness

by injunjoel (Priest)
on Nov 30, 2005 at 23:37 UTC ( #513145=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to regex eval capture weirdness

Just some updates to your code. I declared %mv in the main scope as "our" so it can be localized in your &domatch() sub later on. The code below works fine for me.
#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use re 'eval'; my @strings = ('test_001022','test_585381','test_389742','test_330104' +); my $capture = 'test_%a%b'; #added our to your %mv declaration so it can be localized in &domatch( +); our %mv; my %matchers = ('a' => '(\d{2})(?{ $mv{a} = $^N })', 'b' => '(\d{4})(?{ $mv{b} = $^N })' ); sub addmatchers { my ($regex) = @_; $regex =~ s/%(.)/$matchers{$1}/g; return $regex; } sub domatch { my ($str, $regex) = @_; #localize %mv local %mv; if ($str =~ /$regex/) { if (keys %mv == 0) { print "No keys in hash.\n"; return 0; } else { return \%mv; } } else { return 0; } } print "original pseudo-regex: $capture\n"; my $r = addmatchers($capture); print "modified regex: $r\n\n"; foreach my $str (@strings) { print "Matching on $str\n"; my $result = domatch($str,$r); if ($result) { print "Result:\n"; foreach my $k (keys %{$result}) { print "\t$k => $result->{$k}\n"; } } else { print "No match. ($r)\n"; } }

Here is the output I get
original pseudo-regex: test_%a%b modified regex: test_(\d{2})(?{ $mv{a} = $^N })(\d{4})(?{ $mv{b} = $^N + }) Matching on test_001022 Result: a => 00 b => 1022 Matching on test_585381 Result: a => 58 b => 5381 Matching on test_389742 Result: a => 38 b => 9742 Matching on test_330104 Result: a => 33 b => 0104

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