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I have been tasked with organizing and managing a small church library. To that end I have installed openbiblio, a PHP based library management and tracking program. My question is twofold:

1. The program accepts batch upload only of MARC format data. I have a list of ISBNs. I am looking for a preexisting solution that will get retrieve MARC format data when supplied with ISBN's. I feel sure this must have already been done in Perl at some point and the MARC/PL project seems to indicate that as well. I have searched CPAN in the MARC namespace, but didn't find anything that seemed likely. As a far second best I'd be interested in any preexisting solution that will retrieve a fair amount of publication info including title,author,publisher and subject at a minimum.

2. I am much more familiar with Perl than PHP. Does anyone know of an alternative to openbiblio based on Perl rather than PHP?