My question here seems somewhat negative. But really speaking I would like to check if Perl can challenge any language in the world. Personally I am convinced that everything can be done in Perl. for .e.g.
In case of Pattern Matching Perl is better than Omnimark
In case of Front-Ends on Windows, Perl Tk is as good as VB
Perl CGI is as good as ASP
In case of any other application which C /Java do, Perl can also do it as well (You can use C code in Perl, which improves it's strength)

May be is some other PL is taking less Loc to code, Perl would take more Loc, but I think Perl can do all kinds of jobs. So can someone tell what Perl Can't Do, which any other PL is doing right Now?
All kinds of Criticism is welcome

I agree with serf and lot of people that, it is Not advisible to do Lot of things in Perl, but my question is (it may sound crzay)
if you are given only 'Perl' and told to work on any assignment, irrespective of loc/complicated designs then what are the things which you (or rather Perl) would Not be able to do at all.