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Re^2: Is it possible to get the redirected URL?

by weilies (Initiate)
on Dec 15, 2005 at 08:43 UTC ( #516885=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Is it possible to get the redirected URL?
in thread Is it possible to get the redirected URL?

First of all i would like to thanks for u guys givin me advises. Sorry if i dint make my problem clear there. :)
Actually beside Pg A, all is not my control anymore, they are code reside in other domain, so, what i need to do, is making a bot to send out a request (url), like
Then, their system will based on my 'a_url' to do some processing, then they may have different redirect page based on the validity of my 'a_url',
let me make some explaination for a_url, actually it is a url with some id pass to their sys. Then their sys will determine what to perform based on my a_url's id, their sys will redirect to 'b_url' if my id got no problem, and other then 'b_url' will be 'not_b_url' shows 'Expired'
then, i can perform some comparison coz my sys already know the valid url 'b_url'(predefined in my system), coz i m still taking control in my
if (my_predefined_url eq get_final_landing_pg(a_url)) { return "not expired" } else { return "expired" }
There wont be any user interruption for the whole process like "click A" for redirect to pg_A or
"click B" for redirect to pg_B

Thanks for you guys spending time in reading my question. My broken english really brings up lots of trouble to you guys
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