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Well, I've read up a little on Python (easy, easy... I didn't come here to start a langauge war), and one thing I've noticed a lot in their teachings, is in files that are meant for including in other files have a little something at the bottom of the code that goes something like:

if __package__ eq __main__: # do stuff to test to see if package is working.
(elaboration '(the young monk is easily excited) '(I would like to be able to do this with perl as well as Python. The solution...)) I would guess it would be one of:
if($main == "hardcoded::package::name") { } if($main == $PROGRAM_NAME) { } if($main->isa("hardcoded::package::name")) { }
However, I am sure all of those are flawed. I am also sure t here is a better way to "emulate" what Python programmers do in perl. For those of you unfamilure with this proramming practice, it is done so each portion of a project can be tested indepedandtly. However the same code that tests it, does not get ran when it is included. Now, as far as I am concerned running:
$debug && print "some code"; $debug && print "some more code"
As that is just messy. This would make debugging my stuff a lot easier. Thank you kindly