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Re: A Vision for Easy Web Application Deployment for Perl

by pajout (Curate)
on Dec 28, 2005 at 13:58 UTC ( #519551=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to A Vision for Easy Web Application Deployment for Perl

Just my experience:
For some reasons, i am trying to develop own web application framework, running under Apache/mod_perl. My idea is not to wrap Apache module nor force some templating schema, but to support easy usage of mod_perl features without detail knowledge about everything of mod_perl and to support possibility of code reusability.
I like clarity and simplicity, and I tried to use h2xs to build standardized perl project. Perhaps I am ignorant, but I did not successive, specially, when I did need to include some non-perl directories.
So, I have my devel directory, potentially synchronized with CVS or SVN repository, including perl modules and configurations and example applications. No autoconf, automake, reconf, Makefile.PL or another building/installing stuff. One row have to be included into httpd.conf (to include my piece of apache configuration) and apache must be restarted. Thats all. Other configurations are described in a framework conf and application confs, which are in the xml format.
I am writing this note to imagine, how it is easy to develop, deploy and/or use some software - do cvs checkout, include one row into the service configuration and restart the service. I know that I have the very specific constraints - I assume installed Apache/mod_perl and I am not dependant on other modules yet...
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