This might serve as a reminder not to use three part version numbers for your CPAN modules.

After reading Perl Best Practices and considering the advantage of using three part version numbers (like 0.0.3) over the usual CPAN version numbers like (0.03), and also that I use three part version numbers for my other non-CPAN modules and scripts, I decided to upload my latest module revision as 0.0.3, the earlier version being 0.01

Here's what I got from the PAUSE indexer report. A status of "Falling revision number". The Indexer was somehow converting "0.0.3" to "0.000003", and that being less than "0.01", hence the error.


The module actually does display on the CPAN web site with version 0.0.3, so I'm not sure why I got that message from the PAUSE indexer. Additionally, 0.0.3 does not show up in my 02packages.details.txt in my .cpan directory.

I guess the best I can do, is delete the 0.01 version from my CPAN dir, let it vanish from the index, and then upload version 0.0.3