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You think one mainstream opinion that is seen as "the correct way for it" is the way to go?
The premise of this entire thread is wrong answers. The fact that many problems have multiple solutions isn't being disputed. The case of a question receiving multiple answers in itself isn't being discussed either. The problem being discussed is wrong answers.
I don't see PM as an answering machine and am really glad that it isn't.
Perhaps you don't, and if you restrict yourself to "discussions" and "meditation", you'll see it isn't an answering machine. But almost all threads in "Seekers of Perl Wisdom" start with a question - from someone seeking an answer. The few top-level postings in SOPW that aren't questions are often considered whether they ought to be moved to a different section.

Perhaps you don't see it as an answering machine, but that's how PM is being marketed ("if you have questions, Perlmonks is the place to be"), and that's how the largest and busiest section looks like.

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