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Re: Problem calling WWW::Mechanize redirect_ok

by mikeock (Hermit)
on Jan 04, 2006 at 22:21 UTC ( #521038=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Problem calling WWW::Mechanize redirect_ok

In the Www::Mechanize documents, you see that redirect_ok() is an over loaded method of LWP::UserAgent. If you look LWP::UserAgent docs you will find the following

$ua->redirect_ok( $prospective_request, $response ) This method is called by request() before it tries to follow a red +irection to the request in $response. This should return a TRUE value + if this redirection is permissible. The $prospective_request will be + the request to be sent if this method returns TRUE. The base implementation will return FALSE unless the method is in +the object's requests_redirectable list, FALSE if the proposed redire +ction is to a "file://..." URL, and TRUE otherwise.

Hope this helps!

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Re^2: Problem calling WWW::Mechanize redirect_ok
by js1 (Monk) on Jan 04, 2006 at 22:49 UTC

    Could you give me anymore clues please?! Sorry I'm probably being dim, but I'm struggling to pick out the answer!

    If I comment out the redirect_ok line, I get a page in the browser saying

    Found The document has moved here.

    where the text 'here' is a link to the site I want to redirect to.

    Thanks for anymore help!

      I wish I could give you further information, but I just browsed through the docs once I saw your question... Sorry

      Check out the docs for LWP::UserAgent and see what the variables are that are being called

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