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[Parrot] parsing CGI query string (update for Parrot 0.4)

by Thilosophy (Curate)
on Jan 08, 2006 at 02:35 UTC ( #521781=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to [Parrot] parsing CGI query string

The original snippet does not work anymore, because of the deprecated 'prototyped' keyword. Below is an updated version, that can also be found online.
.sub hex2decimal .param string hex .local int result .local int position .local string digits .local int len result = 0 position = 0 digits = '0123456789ABCDEF' upcase hex len = length hex p_hex_loop: if position == len goto p_hex_over result *= 16 $S1 = hex[position] $I1 = index digits, $S1 result += $I1 inc position goto p_hex_loop p_hex_over: .return(result) .end .sub url_decode .param string theURL .local int position # + becomes space p_unesc_url_space: position = index theURL, '+' if position == -1 goto p_unesc_url_others_0 theURL[position] = ' ' goto p_unesc_url_space p_unesc_url_others_0: position = 0 p_unesc_url_others: position = index theURL, '%', position if position == -1 goto p_unesc_url_over $I1 = position + 1 $S1 = substr theURL, $I1, 2 $I1 = hex2decimal($S1) $S1 = chr $I1 theURL = substr position, 3, $S1 inc position goto p_unesc_url_others p_unesc_url_over: .return(theURL) .end .sub get_query_params .param string query .local pmc result result = new .Hash .local int start .local int end .local int len .local string key .local string value start = 0 parse: index end, query, '=', start if end == -1 goto ret len = end - start substr key, query, start, len key = url_decode(key) start = end + 1 index end, query, '&', start if end > -1 goto more_data substr value, query, start value = url_decode(value) result[key] = value goto ret more_data: len = end - start substr value, query, start, len value = url_decode(value) result[key] = value start = end + 1 goto parse ret: .return(result) .end

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