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by apprentice (Scribe)
on Jan 17, 2001 at 02:24 UTC ( [id://52384]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I am a Sr. System Quality Assurance Lead Engineer and part-time software developer for Akamai <a href= We are always looking for people with Perl development, Networking and QA experience.

I was previously at my third startup, called Bluesocket. They make a wireless gateway (and more recently, some related wireless products) that sits between a wireless network and the corporate network and provides authentication, authorization, QoS, encryption and much more.

The first startup made a content distribution system that had an underlying multicast file transfer protocol for and was used by companies from Wal*Mart to General Motors to Goldman Sachs, too many to name.

Unfortunately, the first one was "acquired" through a stock swap by an "internet infrastructure" startup (can you say, "dot bomb?" or "why did I ever buy that stock!?!").

(Updated 03/30/2005)The current startup has the best chance of success of any of the three. In fact, I'd be shocked if it didn't make it.

I use Perl for automating test procedures and various other things.

(Updated 12/20/2006)I'm now a mid-40s guy, happily separated and getting a very amicable divorce. I have married 2 children in elementary school and they live with me half the time and half the time with their mother. I still live in Arlington, Massachusetts, USA. I've lived there almost 10 years now, the longest I've ever lived in one town in my entire life!

My interests (besides Perl!) include hiking, backpacking, rock and ice climbing, canoeing, sailing, and triathlon. I've also become very "bad" at "go fish" since I've had kids...I never knew losing could be so much fun!(Updated 03/30/2005)I've dropped the triathloning(ok, it was just training, never actually did one), haven't done any backpacking or ice climbing and not much rock climbing in the last several years, though I have great hopes for the future. On the other hand, I have been learning to play acoustic guitar and learning Spanish(I am now at an intermediate level and can understand a lot of what I hear in Spanish language movies and I do a lot of reading in Spanish. I have also learned to be much more subtle in 'losing' games to the kids. They used to get mad if they lost, now they get mad if I lose too obviously. My how the times they are a'changing!(Updated 12/20/2006)I actually used my Spanish last April by travelling to Costa Rica---what a great experience---I can't wait to go travelling again! I no longer lose on purpose to the kids, in fact, it can be quite a struggle to win as they've become very good at games, oh woe is me! As mentioned above, I am now separated (almost 6 months now) and am much happier. Currently, I am getting back into hiking and leading trips for the AMC and am studying for my pilot's license.

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