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I don't want to burst the bubble of fun here, but I can write pretty foolish perl code! Anyone can be cool, clever, uncool and stupid in any language (err.. okay, maybe it IS impossible to do anything cool with VB, but that's beside the point). My point is that the language is not the programmer or its programming style.

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by gaudior (Pilgrim) on Jan 19, 2001 at 00:22 UTC
    No, it is possible to write cool code in VB. The problem is, the problem space where VB is the optimal solution is so much smaller than that of Perl, that it appears almost non-existant.
      I don't think it is a question of problem space itself, instead I find it a question of the size of the intersection between VB's problem space and Perl's problem space.

      If I wanted to write a client GUI that connects to a SQLServer7 database - I would go with VB, especially in a MicroSoft Transaction Server environment.

      But I have a feeling that ActiveState might change that. . .

      Just a thought.


      (the triplet paradiddle)