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Re^4: New PDL problem on Windows XP SP2

by syphilis (Bishop)
on Feb 15, 2006 at 08:07 UTC ( #530315=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: New PDL problem on Windows XP SP2
in thread New PDL problem on Windows XP SP2

Could you provide the output of 'perl -V' and tell us which compiler you're using. I hope you aren't using that free command line version of Visual Studio 7 that Microsoft have made available ... or that if you are using that compiler, then you have built your perl using that compiler.

Sorry - when I go back and look at your original post, it seems you are using that free compiler. (I would still like to see 'perl -V', however.) Could the problem be with nmake v1.50 ? I think there should be a more recent version of nmake that came with one of the other packages that you downloaded. If so maybe give it a try instead.

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Re^5: New PDL problem on Windows XP SP2
by jschollen (Sexton) on Feb 15, 2006 at 09:26 UTC
    Hi Rob,

    Thanks a million.
    You gave the sollution!
    The nmake version (1.5) was not good.
    I verified and noticed that Microsoft Platform SDK also had an nmake. When I used this one, it worked :-)
    I did had to turn off slatec, but that's fine for me.
    The new PDL version compiles ok with windows XP SP2 if you use the free tools.



    In case you still need it: the perl -V gave me:

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