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Re: Modules and memory use

by dave_aiello (Pilgrim)
on Jan 20, 2001 at 11:18 UTC ( #53190=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Modules and memory use

Would you mind if I offer a completely different way of potentially solving the problem?

In July, I completed the successful implementation of a modified version of Slash 0.3 on the Windows NT platform. If you know anything about the Slashcode project, one of the key components of the application architecture is a daemon named slashd. Slashd is the program in which most of the automated site housekeeping functions take place.

The first attempt at porting slashd to NT involved configuring the Perl script to start when the system booted. Right away, this was a problem because services that the daemon depended on (most significantly, the database) had not fully started by the time slashd began running. The script also had a nasty habit of dying under Windows for no apparent reason.

My next thought was that I should rewrite slashd as an NT / Windows 2000 service. This was before I began to depend upon PerlMonks, so I was lucky to have found the Dave Roth book that discusses writing services in Perl. When I started reading about what was involved in converting a daemon like slashd, and thinking through implications like memory use, I decided to explore other options.

What I ended up doing was modifying slashd so that it was a batch script that executed quickly. Then, I paid for a software product from Camellia Software called Batch Job Server. The product is referred to in Aeleen Frisch's book on Windows NT System Administration from O'Reilly.

As I say in this article on my Web Site, I am very satisfied with the performance of Batch Job Server in this sort of application. It was the best way to get slashd running on NT, from my perspective, because it minimized the number of code changes that would be necessary. More important to your question, however, is the fact that the memory associated with slashd was returned to the Operating System regularly. And, since Batch Job Server itself is a service, I have given up little of the reliability of execution that is the purpose of writing so much code in Windows as services in the first place.

I'm not sure this will be an option for you, but it should be pointed out as an alternative, particularly for those applications where the Windows service has not already been written.

Dave Aiello
Chatham Township Data Corporation

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