in reply to Why oh Why oh Whyo (Catalyst Woes)

Sorry, but it's hard to give help on Catalyst without getting any actual questions on it. I haven't seen any questions on the mailing list from you, I saw you once on the IRC channel, and this is just complaining, and not asking questions..

Yes, Catalyst needs more documentation, who doesn't? But the people who work on and with it daily get out of touch with how hard it is for newbies to get into it, without them coming along and asking, how do we know what to add to the documentation?

As for assuming knowledge of MVC, it's not a framework for dummies, yes, the docs assume you can manage to google for things like MVC, and understand what you find. If you do that and still get stuck, sensisble questions will be answered, if we get them.


BTW, I wrote most of that Tutorial, so, what's missing? What else did you need?..