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Re: Use more threads.

by jonadab (Parson)
on Feb 27, 2006 at 13:28 UTC ( #533015=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Use more threads.
in thread Use more threads.

Indeed, I must say that I am much more interested in the //= operator than in threads. Defined-or is useful even for small, single-threaded applications, such as the ones I write every day. Sure, it's mostly syntax sugar (mostly), but it's very *nice* syntax sugar (and, yeah, there are also those few instances where you really don't want to evaluate the left side twice, but that's more of a special case even than threads).

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Re^2: Use more threads.
by BrowserUk (Pope) on Feb 27, 2006 at 13:56 UTC

    I once came up with a way of allowing new keywords to be added to the core, such that they would have no affect on the way Perl is parsed unless enabled by using something like use extensions qw[ say ];. I thought that this would be a convenient way of adding potential new features into the language for widespread evaluation without falling foul of backwards compatibility considerations. Unfortunately it wasn't viewed favourably :(

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