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As for xdg's "high-value and low-difficulty" criteria - I feel like this is just as presumptuous

As I wrote that quickly, let me add that I put it in quotes originally to denote that these things are hard to evaluate. Voting on features is just one form of a statement of "value" -- but that in itself doesn't help prioritizing a volunteer (or thinly resourced) project because it doesn't deal with the resource constraint.

My point about "difficulty" was not to say that volunteers be assigned to things (that won't work), but rather to imply that should someone (TPF) be considering bounties or grants that these be focused on areas with quick, tangible deliverables. This is consistent with principles of agile development -- focusing on frequent delivery of working code.

My idea for pledging money for fixes ("Perlbug Pledges") is just one way of using a real resource like money as a statement of value by "the community". Volunteers willingness to take on certain bugs for the pledged amount of money addresses the difficulty factor and scarcity of resources.


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