Dear monks,

I have a module that is nothing but a miscellaneous collection of little subroutines that have nothing in common other than that I find them handy. (E.g. my collection includes a sub for stripping leading and trailing whitespace from a string, one for producing a standard timestamp string, a wrapper for CORE::open that returns the open handle and takes care of the error checking, a function that removes duplicates from a list, preserving order, etc., etc.)

I suppose many Perl programmers have some scheme for reusing such useful but isolated snippets. It is not a terribly thorny problem, but I am curious about the details. What's your scheme like? If it is a module (and what else could it be?), what do you call it? Unfortunately, the better the name, e.g., the greater the likelihood of a namespace collision. Do you include this module in your software distributions, or do you use it only during development? Have you considered submitting it to CPAN?

the lowliest monk

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