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Fellow monks, I'm painfully confused by an apparent broken interaction between IO::Pipe and Net::Server(::Fork). I have a program which started life as a standalone command-line tool. At its heart, it created a new IO::Pipe and used it as $pipe->reader('command', 'arg'); I needed to change the standalone tool to be a socketed server and picked Net::Server::Fork since that seemed like a good fit. Now, a server child process collects all sorts of stuff from the connected client and then proceeds to run a wrapped version of what started in the stadalone tool. However, in the standalone version, I could do:
$pipe->reader('command', 'arg'); my $line = scalar(<$pipe>);
and I'd get data. In the Net::Server/wrapped version, I don't get anything from the scalar(<$pipe>); call and, instead, the output of 'command' is dumped on the server's STDERR. Has anyone seen this behavior or have an idea of what could be broken?