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Re: What do you do for living?

by pboin (Deacon)
on Mar 07, 2006 at 17:45 UTC ( #534978=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to What do you do for living?

I convert mainframe document archives systems (warehouses, whatever). Even though Perl can run on the mainframe (z/OS), very few (ie: none) of my clients have it setup and ready to go. *But* perl is so amazingly well-suited to text maniupulation, which is what makes the 'frame go round, I use it extensively on linux to manipulate data and then send it back.

I have a BS in Accounting, but I've never done it a day in my life. Unfortunately, I have zero training in CompSci, so I feel handicapped a bit. I've managed to stumble through to a fairly satisfying career however.

I run the shop around here, so I pretty much get to call the shots on all things technical. Our small consulting business is 80% perl at this point, with some shell scripts to hold it up and a fair amount of COBOL too. We have a prettty good set of in-house modules for each of the systems we deal with.

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