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hi all,
this is the code segment
foreach my $cmd_telnet (@telnet_drop) { $telnet->print("$cmd_telnet"); (my $prematch, my $match) = $telnet->waitfor('/0 Successful/') or + print "notok\n"; print "$match\n"; if ( $match eq "0 Successful" ) { print OUT_succ "$cmd_telnet \t Successful\n"; } else { print OUT_fail "$cmd_telnet \t NOT OK\n" } }
so the problem.
when the match is not "0 Successful" it dies but it shoud not, i try with this or behind but didnt work either

when the match is not "0 Successful" it shoud go on and do the else i already try getline but getline returns me the command i just put on the machin with print $cmd_telnet

so have someone an idear or a solution ;D thx in advance The error message is Died pattern match timeout