Yeah, I know, a rite of passage in Perl hackerdom is to write your own: 1) CMS (content management system), 2) templating engine, and 3) wiki. I want to throw my hat into the ring too. Therefore, I present to you...

sk - a (very) simple wiki. There are three main ideas going on here. First, I hate how every different wiki has it's own markup syntax. HTML is the language of the web, no? So, use HTML in the wiki. (And yes, I know that means you can embed some nasty JavaScript...see the disclaimer.) Or use no formatting if you like.

Second, I wanted to be able to deploy the wiki in a single file (minus CSS, JavaScript, and images) and that had the "minimal set" of module dependencies. This requires only CGI. No HTML::Template (though I like it), no Class::DBI, nothing. (In fact, it's probably easier to install on Windows than *nix.) (Update: Oh, I forgot it also uses IO::File and File::Spec, but the point was to have a small set of standard-distribution-only module dependencies.)

And third, I hate how textboxes aren't resizable by default. With a little bit of JavaScript help, there's no longer that limitation. So give it a try and let me know what you think.