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Job/Project Postings

by Fastolfe (Vicar)
on Jan 26, 2001 at 04:32 UTC ( #54442=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I could only find one half-hearted conversation on the subject at dsdisc, so I thought I'd broach the topic.

Has any thought ever been given to having a job or project-posting board here? We offer so much in the way of advice and code snippets to Perl developers, why not put a place where code seekers and code writers can find each other? The scope of something like this is up in the air as far as I'm concerned. It could be an every-day job/resume posting board, or it could be a place where somebody has a very specific need (and price) that could be addressed by any number of PerlMonks regulars pretty easily.


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(ichimunki) Re: Job/Project Postings
by ichimunki (Priest) on Jan 26, 2001 at 05:59 UTC
    I don't think we should ask vroom to reinvent the wheel with respect to projects.

    SourceForge may take a little learning, but for GPL-type projects, it's got a powerful interface and a lot of features that make project management a breeze.

    I think an appropriate place to advertise paid projects (seekers and writers) would be on home nodes. Certainly a /msg or email (as requested) to monks with such things on his/her home node seems appropriate. Speaking of which, if someone needs a non-web-development Perl coder in Minnesota, contact me! ;)
      If you're going to do the homepage thing then we should have some convention on what to write. I reckon the words "contract work" should appear somewhere in your description of the job. Then we can just do a super search on "contract work", limit it to homenodes, and get all the homenodes of people involved in offernig or applying for contract jobs.

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Re: Job/Project Postings
by Fastolfe (Vicar) on Jan 26, 2001 at 04:34 UTC
    Bleh.. perhaps I should try doing a Super Search more than a simple search. Apparently this has come up a few times, and pretty recently too. I do think a project-style posting section is something a little more unique and I can't see that it's been mentioned in the past.
Re: Job/Project Postings
by Falkkin (Chaplain) on Jan 26, 2001 at 04:47 UTC
    I'd be in support of such an idea, but only if it were explicitly stated that these positions are to be basically volunteer work (not for-hire.) I don't especially want to see HR departments spamming for new employees here. On the other hand, this would be extemely nice for people working on small but growing projects who want to get other people involved to help in development.
      Yah I've been thinking about this a little more, and looking at past comments, and I'm starting to shy away now from a generic job posting service, precisely for the reasons you mention. However, listing a specific project and getting one or more people on board to help with that project (a one-time deal, basically), seems a little more appealing. And I am talking about for-hire stuff here. Would you have objections to that with this model as well?
        It seems to me that there are already plenty of places out there where you can post job offerings... the only difference I see in opening up PM to such drivel is that a posting on PM is free, whereas other sites may charge the poster for either the job listing itself or a completed "transaction" in the form of a hire. Seems that'd be the #1 way to divert unneeded spamming to our beloved halls. I would be okay with it if we made it such that only experienced monks (at least level 3+, I'd prefer 5) could actually post for jobs.
      In that case, I would shoot for open source perl stuffs- sort of a mini-sourceforge here would be ultra cool.
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        I'm wondering if something like that might be pushing the limits with respects to the number of "code" sections. We have Craft, Code and Snippets already.

        Though I think it would be cool to have a section that would allow people to collaborate on a project or a piece of code. That would be nifty.

Re: Job/Project Postings
by Elgon (Curate) on Jan 27, 2001 at 00:49 UTC
    I would certainly go with the project posting board idea: It helps everyone on the OpenSource circuit, experienced or wannabe's.

    Take me for example (being the egotist that I am): basically where I am there isn't a LUG or a PM for miles around and I'd quite like to help out on an OpenSource project.

    It would preferably be Perl or C related, in an adjuvant (ie. non-coding for now) role - I want to improve my skills desperately (as I only know a narrow subset or Perl and only a little C) by helping to document or beta-test code or something similar.

    Definitely a great idea.


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