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9 September 2005

Ok.. thats it... I have officially dumped the idea of ever writing anything usefull here =)

11 December 2002

Woooa... once again more than a year without modifying my homenode... maybe I will just drop it and leave my homenode blank... =)

15 November 2001

Scary, I just realized that I haven't updated my homenode for more than a year. Hmmm.... will write some exciting stuff here soon... or maybe just a small JAPH.

14 September 2000

I have finally reached the point of maturity in my SpanDex project, that som other warped minds might actually find it interesting or even usefull, thus i have released the first public beta under gpl... you can find it at my homepage along with some of my artwork... ( well, actually all of the artwork that would fit under my scanner before it died )