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Re: Care and Discretion

by turnstep (Parson)
on Jan 27, 2001 at 01:30 UTC ( #54643=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Care and Discretion

Sadly, the original post was deleted through consideration before I hit the Submit button.

This is odd, because to have a post disappear a few things have to happen: 1) someone has to nominate it to the Nodes to Consider section, and then 2) at least 3 other high level monks have to vote to have it deleted. This seems like a fairly good method so far. And of course, having a couple of monks vote to keep it will prevent it from being deleted. The only changes I might suggest to this system is playing around with the ratio (but I think it is okay for now myself) and perhaps having a "cooling-off" period - the Grim Reaper will not harvest a node if it is less than 20 minutes old, for example. Assuming a lot of monks are constantly watching the Nodes to Consiser page, this gives them a chance to register a "keep" vote.

Having typed all that, I note that I cannot find the post referenced above in Nodes to Consider nor among the Bony One's humble collection. I may be wrong, but I suspect this was submitted as a Q&A question, which can be removed very quickly by a Q&A editor. In which case, we should be asking about this policy, not the "considered nodes" ones, as they are very different. The fact that the reply mentioned above has no "parent" further encourages my suspicions regarding it's Q&A origins. (For contrast, this reply to a deleted node still mentions it's parents)

All in all, I feel the current system is working fairly well, and this particular case is probably an exception to the normal course of things.

Update: The parent node is now there. Weird. Perhaps it was a hiccup in the Everything engine. It really was gone for a while. Ohwell. *shrug*

Update #2: Okay, I guess you can disregard the whole thrust of my "Q&A" argument. The real question is, where did the post go? There were at least 10 minutes when it was not in the Meditations section, not on the Newest Nodes page, not showing up as a link in the "In reply to" at the top of the replies, not in the Nodes to Consider section, and not listed in Scary Monk's writeups.

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