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Voting (in the cb) on taste in music

by DiscoStu (Initiate)
on Jan 26, 2001 at 21:51 UTC ( #54645=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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(jptxs)Re: Voting (in the cb) on taste in music - don't let it bug you
by jptxs (Curate) on Jan 26, 2001 at 22:24 UTC
    A quick search turned up: ? why do you vote like you do ?, Votes & Reputation, Who voted negative on my node ?, RE: Yet Another Post on Experience, To better discern when to vote. Also there is the ever wise: How should I spend my votes? -- General Voting Guidelines. Which should be the guide for all looking on "how to vote?"

    But my point here is not "you should have searched", rather that everyone gets the blues about --. It's just the way things go in a large community like this, though. You can't avoid clashing of opinion, and, even worse, silly people voting in their silly way. Take heart though that the system does work very very well. Two great examples of this are merlyn and princepawn. No one will argue that merlyn is one of the smartest and most perl adept men lurking these halls, but he gets a fair share of -- for being just that. Then there's the extreme of princepawn who, many times deserving of some --, was still mostly in the ++ and advanced the levels despite his apparent unpopularity.

    The basic theme is don't let a little -- get you down. There is no explaining it sometimes. If you post well, both in answers and questions, and take your quest here and with perl seriously, there is no doubt you will be a valued and ++ed member of the community. =)

    "A man's maturity -- consists in having found again the seriousness one had as a child, at play." --Nietzsche
Re: Voting (in the cb) on taste in music
by footpad (Abbot) on Jan 26, 2001 at 22:26 UTC
Re: Voting (in the cb) on taste in music
by turnstep (Parson) on Jan 27, 2001 at 01:38 UTC

    Don't confuse the chatterbox with anything else. Were they serious? Were they joking? It doesn't really matter. Each person can spend their votes anyway they want. If they want to explain why in the chatterbox (I never would, but to each their own) that is their perogative. For the record, I seriously doubt that c-era voted your posts down for your musical taste. Some of your posts have far more valid reasons to be downvoted. Relax and tread carefully for a little while. We are always willing to give people a second chance here, but your reputation as a troll may have ruined your account for good. You can always grab a new identity and enter the Monastery as a brand new initiate at any time.

      Your right, I didn't downvote any of his nodes for his tast in music. In the CB you use ++ and -- to indicate your preferences (they don't actually count as votes). I really do not like NKOTB (hence the -----------------).
Re: Voting (in the cb) on taste in music
by a (Friar) on Jan 27, 2001 at 09:16 UTC
    I heard you too, and my guess it was the quality of the singing; they're probably NKOTE (whatever that is) fans and resented the massacre. 'course -- in the CB counts for nothing, but less'n I'm miss'n my guess, you don't really care one way or the other.


      NKOTB - New Kids on the Block

      I guess that NKOTE would be
      New Kids On The E-block


      (the triplet paradiddle)
Re: Voting (in the cb) on taste in music
by lzcd (Pilgrim) on Jan 28, 2001 at 06:11 UTC
    ++ for DiscoStu asking a valid question... (finally)
    and -- for those who continue to down vote for non post related issues.

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