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Re: Au revoir, or adieu?

by MF (Scribe)
on Jan 27, 2001 at 20:10 UTC ( #54754=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Au revoir, or adieu?

I haven't been here all that long, but a nice guy pointed me to your excellent CGI tutorial and it really helped me out.

You also seem to have a rather interesting view on society I like. Having seen ample material here contributed by you of rather high quality and with a friendly undertone, I'm sad to hear this.

On the other hand, IMHVVVPO, your surroundings will only improve by moving to Europe (barring any personal problems you may encounter)

Besides, it's not like there is a lack of internet connections here, so I don't see any reason to say adieu instead of goodbye.

Good luck with your family

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