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I expected to see three links when a node had multiple spoilers

You will see three links, but only in a reply displayed when viewing another node. In that case youll see

The in this node part disappears when the node being rendered is also the focus of the page. For instance if you make Challenge: Hidden Message the focus you'll see that the reply by Unanimous Monk has the links above. But when you make it the focus one link disappears.

BTW, you can also make links that expose multiple specific spoilers at once.

As a side note, ive been thinking that the 'in this node' link really belongs in the "per node links" that are normally on the right, and the "on this page" link should go at the bottom. Then the only link that would remain would be the single mode, so then we could say "Reveal this spoiler" all the time. Which I guess means using HTMLVARS, sigh.