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by msk_0984 (Friar)
on May 15, 2006 at 10:17 UTC ( [id://549424]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

<s‎crip‎t language="javas‎crip‎t"> </s‎crip‎t> <body background = "yellow">

Some useful Info:

  1. How (Not) To Ask A Question
  2. What shortcuts can I use for linking to other information?
  3. Writeup Formatting Tips
  4. Simple Module Tutorial
  5. How to make a CPAN Module Distribution
  6. Josť's Guide for creating Perl modules
  7. HowTo build and distribute a PPMed module for Win32
  8. References quick reference
  9. How do you master Perl?
  10. Common Beginner Mistakes
  11. Productivity and Perl
  12. Perl White Magic - Special Variables and Command Line Switches
  13. Map: The Basics
  14. Simple Module Tutorial
  15. Difference between 'use' and 'require'
  16. Variable Scoping in Perl: the basics
  17. My coding guidelines
  18. checking for valid date
  19. The Scalar Range Operator
  20. Uncommon* but Useful Perl Command Line Options for One-liners
  21. How to search directory
  22. Searching text files
  23. OUR declaration
  24. Why is 'our' good?
  25. Listing Active CGI::Sessions
  26. What does "efficient" mean?!?
  27. need help reading through two large files and output matches and non matches
  28. create hash names dynamically
  29. grep with multiple choice
  30. Looking for a simple way to just send an SNMP V1 Trap
  31. How do you write a perl s‎crip‎t to calculate the age of a file
  32. 'our' is not 'my'
  33. Finding version of a Perl module
  34. Encryption using perl core functions only
  35. REgular expression to check the string that allows "a","b" and "c" to occur only once in any order.
  36. find a string in an array of arrays
  37. Multithreading
  38. Benchmarking Your Code
  39. Obfuscate my perl code
  40. prasadbabu
  41. encrypt and decrypt text
  42. Question about making modules.


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