Apologies for posting two in a row.
just did this:
s''openZF," >o.bmp";printZF Zpack("a2V13",BM, 37686,0,54,40,112,11 2,1572865,0,37632),map {chr(($_%112-55)**2+($ _/112-55)**2<3025?255- 3*(($_/112-75)**2+($_% 112-75)**2)**.5:0)x3 }0..12544';s#\s##g ;s#Z# #g;eval
hope you like it.
As L~R mentions - check for o.bmp;
also i've gently obfuscated it - otherwise it probably didn't belong here!
I've reformatted it to fit my balls format - this one is another ball shorter! (see the others here and here)
(and renamed to fit in with my balls naming scheme!)
change L to V in pack to force little endianness - this should fix some viewers. (from londonpm email thread).