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Re^4: Encoding problem(reposting in more detail)

by Nik
on May 29, 2006 at 15:32 UTC ( #552327=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: Encoding problem(reposting in more detail)
in thread Encoding problem(reposting in more detail)

I read the link and tiried in command line "chcp 734" which i googled and think it is the code page number form UTF8. is it not? because it didn say explicitly if it was.
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Re^5: Encoding problem(reposting in more detail)
by john_oshea (Priest) on May 30, 2006 at 10:24 UTC

    This (and several other links) seems to imply that you want chcp 65001 - I'm not on a Windows box, so I can't confirm this however.

      Firstr of all thank you a lot John for trying to help me out. I just tried it and removed encoding but unfortunately iam still getting ???? ? ??? ???.txt kinf of file sin the dro down menu.Menybe this chcp thing was onlt form console line application and not perl cgi script files?

        This is my thinking on what you should be checking for - done as a list to get things straight in my own head more than anything ;-)

        The back-end

        • In cmd.exe, chcp 65001 to set utf-8 code page (this will probably only last for as long as you have the same cmd.exe window open).
        • Open up the .txt files in an utf-8 capable editor and verify that the contents look ok.
        • Save the files using greek characters in the filename - I know that MS Word, for one, can do that, so you can always use that if needs be.
        • Check that dir shows you ok-looking greek characters.
        • If it does, proceed to the web side of things - if not, you'll have to figure out what the issue is before even attempting to get it sorted on your web pages.

        The web

        • Check that your web pages are saved as utf-8, and that they're being served up as utf-8 (Firefox will show you this in 'Tools -> Page info').
        • Remove all the from_to code from your form
        • Make sure that your browser/font settings are sane (i.e. if you're specifying a font, that it actually has greek characters in it) - I'm sure you are though
        • ...
        • Profit! ;-)

        That's about all that I can think of right now, but that should get you most, if not all, of the way there.

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