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Yes cheap shared hosting is what makes problems to me most of the time. As I'm still a small fish and don't want to cash ~ $100+/month for dedicated server I took one of those VPS for my needs. I also sugest that most of the customers should take at least VPS (they start at $20/month) if for nothing else than mod_perl/FastCGI posibility.

The thing is that applications being developed are also to be sold to 3rd parties of which most will have shared hosting. And under those conditions only pure Perl modules will work ...

Anyway - in case you want to start using a new module, you first import it in the repository, then do a new export/chekout (script that builds releases handles it). And then you can use it, right?

Are there any articles/books/whatever on this subject? But something that can be applied to Perl?

Have you tried freelancing? Check out Scriptlance - I work there.