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Re^4: Perl to DocBook

by jmerelo (Sexton)
on Jul 09, 2006 at 22:10 UTC ( #560019=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: Perl to DocBook
in thread Perl to DocBook

This is what I mean, to have this kind of listing within programlisting:
<emphasis>#!/usr/bin/perl</emphasis> <function>print</function> "A estas horas, el Estudiante, no creyendo +su buen suceso y deshollinando con el vestido y los ojos el zaquizamí...\n"; <function>sleep</function> <constant">10</constant>;
I'm not aware of docbook filters doing that kind of stuff automatically, that's why I've hacked that script. The question is, is there any other (better) way of doing it?

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Re^5: Perl to DocBook
by ghenry (Vicar) on Jul 09, 2006 at 23:14 UTC

    No, no. You don't do this inside <programminglisting>

    You are trying to do presentational tagging inside this. The XML tags are for content markup. The presentation is done via XSLT Stylesheets.

    In all the Docbook XML I have written/read, (Fedora, Amanda, Samba, Gentoo etc.) it's never done the way you are trying to do it.

    I may be way off, but if you have an example of where you have seen it done this way, I'd love to read it.


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      Actually, I haven't seen it anyways, but I'd like to do it this way.

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