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Can anybody help me with Eclipse EPIC editor?

I have installed Eclipse and have installed perl plugin EPIC also. I dont have any problem in running a perl file. I get proper output in the console window. But, I have problem in debugging a perl file!

I did:
Run -> Debug ->
Perl Local (Debug=Debug Run=Perl) ->
MyPerlConfiguration Project="MyProject"

If I do the above thing, the "step into", "step over" should get enabled right?, but they are disabled always! As well as I am not seeing any variable in the variable window.

I also tried break points. I set two break points. I did debug steps as said above. In the "Debug view" I see something like
"> Perl-Debugger". If I click on the "right arrow" nothing gets expanded! However it looks like the breakpoints work, bcos the execution stops as many times as many breakpoints set. But, it is of no use because I am unable to see the value of any variable as well as I dont know in which breakpoint the current execution is. As well as the step into and step over doesn't work! Any help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks