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bigger japh

by SubStack (Monk)
on Jul 24, 2006 at 16:23 UTC ( [id://563309]=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

This one recreates a 613 byte ascii-artish japh with 448 bytes of code and data.
$_="b4lb13ib24ib3lab4lblb3lb2gfebfdf2b5gf2iblgfgb2gfgb2fdf2blf2gbgf2gb +igf2eab4lblb3lb2jb4lb8k2lblb2lblb3lb2lb3lb2lblk2iblabib2lblb3lb3jb3lb +7lb2lblb2lblb3lb2lb3lb2lblb4labck2cb2jkhb2jkhb3ckhb5ck2lblb2lb2jkhb3c +khblb2lbck2ebla2b17clb7lb14labigf2gbgf2gbigf2eblb7lf2gbgf2ib2gfgblb2g +bgf2gbigf2eablb3lblk2iblb5lb7lb2lb2k2lblb2cblkhb2lk2iblabljkgcbck2ebl +b4glgb6lb2lbck2lbck2eblbjb2ck2eblb2fgablb53hablb53a"; s/(\D)(\d+)/$1x$2/eg&y!a-z!\n '+-/:\\_|!&&print

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Re: bigger japh
by ambrus (Abbot) on Jul 27, 2006 at 01:41 UTC

    Nice. I tried LZ77 compression (see LZ77 compression, a poem) on the output of this japh as well to see how short I can make it. I've got this.

    $_=v10.10;{$_.=substr($_,3135-&j-94*&j,&j-33).chr&j;redo} sub j{<<'!'=~/./g||exit!print;ord$&} #!! "!" $!"|&!% &!& 1!#:/!. :!/|R!(|X!'.b!!-c!!,b!"-f!!+&!"-b!&.)!#:m! +#. 4!".9!%.z!#-:!%|>!#.;!%.y!#.I!#,`!/\A"._"!"|N"%|~!)|(!( c""_<!":="%:=" +, ]!%||"(|V"(|\!3 x"''~!#'3"$_V#!/&!& [##''!& :!%|0"(\:!*|y#%'S"#,U#"|)$ +' )$-':", B$,|e"$.T#/ e"*-l#':#$'|B$$ {#-|]$'_N#% =%-|H%&_"$''p#$/Y%$_u# +'| 5##.;##'k"& *%%|$%$ D$)'W$%'>!'\N#&,5&%-]%!.1"' 2&9 K&9/Z!X S'" !
    It is only a few characters longer than your original code.
      Very cool. Here's the script I used to generate the constant for the japh, although it's not too much more clear than the japh itself.
      #!/usr/bin/perl my $file = <STDIN>; my %chars; $chars{$_}++ for split //, $file; my @set = sort { ord $a <=> ord $b } keys %chars; my $set = quotemeta join "", @set; $file =~ eval "\$file =~ tr($set)(a-z)"; $file =~ s/($_{2,})/$_ . length $1/eg for "a".."z"; print "set=$set (@{[map ord, @set]})\n$file";
      Basically, each of the characters used in the japh (pipes and dots and slashes and such) is translated to a letter. Next, for every string of duplicate characters is shortened to the letter and the number of characters it should be expanded to, so "aaaaaa" becomes "a6". There's probably an official name for this technique someplace.

        There's probably an official name for this technique someplace.

        Run Length Encoding


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