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I supposed you were voted "Miss Congeniality" in High School, weren't you?

Was there a Perl related question in there? I must have missed it.

My Dear Lady,
Imagine if you will, I come to your house. I sit at your kitchen table and I commence to tell you that the style of your house reminds me of a Sears Roebuck mail order house and the curtains look like something that was on sale at Odd Job Lot and the carpets must have come from K-Mart. I don't think you'd appreciate that much.

When coming to a new on line community I'd suggest you hang around for a while, see what's going on gain some "street cred" before making creative suggestions about he decor.

Unless, of course, your just a troll. Then I'd suggest you just go back under your bridge.

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Unconsidered (holli): Enough Keep votes (Keep: 12, Edit: 2, Reap: 9)

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